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    The Marian Centre

This imponent and marvelous Centre on its 81.000 m² ground, dedicated to Our Lady of Graces, will have been built on a 4.000m² area, the glorious church of Our Lady of Fatima for the spiritual good of the souls of the faithful.
The Centre will also contain a permanent house for the members of  International Association of Christ’s Faithful of Pontifical Right Heralds of the Gospel and a centre for religious formation to all the welcome guests. The church building will countain three towers, as the central tower will be the tallest carrying the 3,5 m statue of the Blessed Mother of Fatima
The formation centre will offer on its 1.500 m², specific lessons for the search of the Via Pulchritudinis (The way of Beauty) , Catholic Doctrine instruction and Cultural-Historic lectures .
Beyond all, education on sacred-music and the formation on virtues for youngsters and adults.

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